Continuing Competence

Continuing competence is the ongoing professional responsibility of an orthopaedic nurse to obtain, integrate, and apply current knowledge and skills required to practice safely, effectively, and ethically in designated roles and settings. ONCB members believe continuing competence

  • Is a professional and ethical obligation for safe practice.
  • Protects the public and advances the profession through ongoing development of individual nurses.
  • Is a shared responsibility among individual nurses, the profession, regulatory bodies, certification agencies, professional associations, educators, and care organizations/workplaces.
  • Evolves as it builds upon previous competence and integrates new evidence.
  • Is dynamic, fluid, and impacted by many factors as nurses enter new roles and new settings.

An important goal of specialty certification is consumer protection—to ensure consumers receive health care from knowledgeable orthopaedic nurses.  The recertification process was developed as part of ONCB’s efforts to ensure the continuing competence of its certificants.