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Certifying Excellence in Orthopaedic Nursing

ONC® Recertification Requirements

NAON Member $200
Non-Member $315

With your initial certification, you may accrue contact hours from the date of testing. If the certification examination is offered in conjunction with an educational program such as NAON Congress, the continuing education credit offered after the exam has been taken may be used toward recertification.
Forms A and B should be completed but not submitted with the initial 1-page recertification application. If the ONC is audited, educational offerings must be listed in chronological order on Forms A and B from the date of certification to the present. All offerings must be transcribed from personal or hospital CE records to Forms A and B, and submitted with CE certificates as part of the audit process.

Accrual of continuing education credit for the next 5-year recertification cycle begins after January 1, with certification expiring on June 30. If the ONC® has more than the required 100 contact hours for recertification, the credits obtained earlier in the 5-year period should be used for recertification and hours received after January 1 saved for the next recertification cycle. If a nurse plans to do this, however, he or she must also provide a copy of Forms A and B recorded for the prior recertification cycle so ONCB can verify that those credits were not used for earlier recertification. Contact hours for any one offering may not be split between one certification period and another certification period.

A candidate for recertification by continuing education must meet all eligibility requirements for recertification, including the 1000 hours of work experience, and pay all recertification fees. Fees for recertification through continuing education are nonrefundable and must accompany the completed application. Incomplete or inaccurate applications will be returned with a letter describing the deficiencies; incomplete or inaccurate applications are subject to audit. Corrected applications may be resubmitted with a $30 administrative fee.

Recertification through continuing education will be denied for any of
the following reasons:

  • Misrepresentation
  • Failure to meet criteria for 100 contact hours, or provide evidence of contact hours in the event of an audit
  • Lack of current RN license
  • Failure to apply by deadline

Recertification will be based solely on the submitted materials. Anyone who is denied recertification may appeal by written request to the Recertification Committee. The applicant may also apply for recertification by examination.

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